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DEADBEATBLAST has been making electronic music since 1998.


With humble beginnings as a bedroom producer I took my music to the streets of Toronto in 2008, busking on sidewalks and playing small bars around Ontario. Armed with a pair of gameboys and a laptop, ever striving to reach new levels of sonic destruction...


In 2009 visuals became an addition to my arsenal, using circuit bent game consoles to create what I would call a glitched out nightmare as a back drop.


Since then I have performed over 100 shows and festivals in 5 countries, including Blip Festival NYC, Superbyte UK, Eindbaas NL, Toy Company MTL, Boston Festival Of Indie Games and countless others.


Bouncing between scenes and art communities has helped me evolve this project over the years, and I am greatful for all the experiences it has brought me.


If you have an event and would like to have me come play please get in touch.


All the best and keep making music everyone!    -J